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Far from being an English game, it was one that was conceived to confound the English because the Scots, being generally smaller than their opponents in football's oldest international rivalry, could hardly afford to take them on physically.

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Shakespeare’s full vocabulary has some 30,000 words in his all his published works.) It is quite plausible to think that contemporary readers and audiences – apart from language buffs – cannot understand all the Shakespearean words they read or hear, but infer the gist of them from the context.A mitigating circumstance is that many of those words have since dropped from common usage, or have new meanings.

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Of course, Shakespeare made his own special contribution, inventing over 1700 words by changing nouns into verbs, verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising wholly original words.Romanian has ideal tools to deal with this structure in translation, from syntax and morphology to syllabic material: nouns inflect for five cases (where English has to use prepositions, word order or possessive “’s”); inflectional morphemes modify a verb’s tense, aspect, mood, person, or number; or a noun’s, pronoun’s or adjective’s number, gender or case, .Simply put, this results in more polysyllabic words in Romanian.English is an efficient language with a preponderance of mono- or bi-syllabic words, but Shakespeare distributes them in such a way that they not only have the more natural flow of speech, they are mellifluous, i.e., melodic!Moreover, the pentameter is not mechanically followed, because Shakespeare shortens lines or makes them longer to express his meaning, and often uses – where one line flows on into the next.In reality, the vocabulary is quite rich; apart from sharing a foundation with the other Romance languages, Romanian assimilated words from the migratory peoples and temporary conquerors, and through the interactions with the languages of minorities and neighbors.